Something that we at J4M like to do it to review Internet Marketing products. Some of the products we use ourselves in our marketing campaigns whilst others we’ve been asked to review.

There are new IM products coming onto the market virtually everyday and we will be reviewing the ones we think will help you make your life easier and your online business more profitable.

Internet marketing products come in all shapes and sizes, some are based on specific marketing methods, affiliate marketing for example, others are tools and software. If the sales page says you’ll make more money or save more money we’re interested and will review it.

We don’t review every product, we don’t have time, but we will do frequent reviews. They will be honest and unbiased. If we’re excited about it we’ll tell you if we’re not we’ll say so too.

The reviews will be based on the following:

  1. Usability – Is it user friendly and easy to use. Are the training instructions clear and easy to follow. What level of marketing experience is needed to make it work (newbie, intermediate, advanced).
  2. Affordable – Is it priced so that everyone can afford it on the front end. Most IM products will have a number of OTO’s or one time offers that add functionality, we only review the front end product as this is the one that should do what it says it can on the sales page.
  3. Effective – Will it work? This is a personal opinion on the product itself and not a comment about the product creator in any way. It’s simply based on our experience in the IM niche.
  4. Value – Taking into account usability, affordability and effectiveness we’ll offer an opinion as to whether or not we think the product would be a valuable asset to add to a marketers tool kit.

At the end of every review we’ll give the product a stamp of approval, a stamp of not approved or rejected.



This means we think the product is good value for money and should help your online business. For the transparency, the stamp will be linked to the product sales page, where if you where to buy it I would receive a commission from the purchase as an affiliate.
Internet marketing product not approvedThis stamp means that the product didn’t meet our criteria. It doesn’t mean that you should dismiss the product completely because it may still fit in with your business model. And therefore warrants further research based on individual needs.






This stamp means that the product did not meet our expectations and don’t really see the value in it for us. Remember that these reviews are personal opinions, but with this stamp we feel that it is not worth investing your money. We aim to provide the best information for our readers and subscribers and in this case our best advise would be to avoid it.