Elegant Themes [Review]

Today I’m reviewing Elegant Themes.

Prefer a written review? Read on…


Elegant themes is a membership site where you get access to all of the Elegant themes themes and plugins.

Choosing the right theme for your website can be hard work, there are thousands to choose from, and it can get expensive. I have spent literally hours and hours looking for a theme that is suitable to build clients websites as well as my own. And it gets really frustrating.

And there’s something else you need to consider here, the fact that although all WordPress themes use the open source WordPress files at their core, they all have a different set of instructions on how to build the site with that theme. So for every theme you buy from different developers you have a learning curve to go with it.

Now add to that the fact that good premium themes cost around $40 – 50 it can get expensive if you plan on building more than one site.

There is a solution though and that is to buy a membership to a WordPress developers theme gallery. The advantage here is you pay once and you can download and use their entire collection of themes. Plus if you join a good one there’s likely some great plugins that come with them.

Now I love WordPress, I build all of my websites with it and after many hours of trying to find good themes that fit mine and my clients brands, looking at a ton of developers galleries I found Elegant Themes.

My criteria for buying a  membership to a developer gallery was based on 3 things:

  1. Price
  2. The selection of themes included
  3. Support

So after looking into Elegant themes they met all 3 criteria. So I bought a developer package. Just4Marketers is built using the Minimal theme from Elegant themes.

When you join Elegant themes here’s what you get:

87 themes to choose from – Covering virtually the whole spectrum of theme types from blog themes, corporate business themes to eCommerce. There’s a theme style to suit every business here.

7 Premium Elegant Themes WordPress plugins

  1. Divi page builder – this page builder rivals any others out there. It’s a drag and drop page builder with a ton of elements that you can add to your pages
  2. Bloom – An optin form plugin with animations, so you can have your from pop up, fade in or fly in. You can put it pretty much anywhere on your site you’d like. It’s very easy to use and fully of customization option.
  3. Monarch – A social sharing button plugin, with a ton of options to out it where you want and make it look like how you want it to.
  4. HandHeld – This plugin makes any theme you use mobile responsive, which is important for SEO and page ranking.
  5. Anticipate – With this plugin you can create really nice “Coming Soon” pages with an email capture form and a count down timer to the going live date
  6. ET Builder – A landing page builder plugin to build really good landing pages. No more monthly fees for landing page software with this one.
  7. Shortcodes – Add this plugin and now you’ve got a boat load of shortcodes that you can paste onto any page or post of your site and make them really stand out visually, including
  • Buttons
  • Content boxes
  • Toggled content
  • Tabbed content
  • Slideshows
  • Sliders
  • Tooltips
  • Social media
  • Password protected content
  • Author bio
  • Column layouts
  • Pricing tables
  • Testimonials
  • Drop caps
  • Quotes

Some more good news is that Elegant themes has limited the learning curve by having an ePanel as the central nervous system to all of their themes. From the theme ePanel in your WordPress dashboard you control all of the general setting, navigation, layout settings, Ad management, SEO, integration’s and you can access the themes documentation. So once you’ve learned how to use it, and it’s pretty simple, you know how to control the core setting for any of their themes you use…

For me, and only because I’ve got a lot of experience building WordPress websites, I would have liked the ePanel to offer a bit more in terms of customization, but I am being very picky here. There are no issues with the epanel itself and as their support is so fast it’s not really a negative.

Downloading the Elegant themes themes and plugins

From inside the members area simply click the “Download” link next to the one you want. It’ll get downloaded to you desktop and you simply upload it to your site from there. Again very simple.

A word on the Elegant themes Divi theme

The Divi theme is truly excellent, you have complete customization so you can build your website to make it look anyway you want it to.

It has a parallax function which is hugely popular right now as well. With Divi your options are virtually endless. Divi is Elegant themes latest offering and it’s absolutely stunning.

Elegant themes documentation

You want to know that when you upload a theme there’s good documentation you can access to get your site built how you want it. Well you get both video and written documentation to go with every theme. But as all of the themes use the ssme ePanel there’s hardly any learning curve.

When you first use a theme from their gallery you will want to go through the documentation to get used to it. Everything is layed out to be step by step and easy to follow. They’ve done a great job here and much better than most developers.

Elegant themes support

Support is really important! But what’s more important is getting good support FAST.

In my experience of Elegant themes support, I can say it is excellent. I’ve asked a few questions and requested some non standard theme modification code and they’ve answered every question and request within 2 hours. Now let me tell you thats’s fast!


my experience of Elegant themes is a positive one without a doubt. Price wise its very affordable, for the $89 I paid for the developer package I get to use the 87 themes. Making them just over $1 per theme.

The themes and plugins are easy to edit and there’s a theme suitable for every business type.

Their support is really first class and so fast…

I know I keep banging on about support but it’s so important. There’s nothing worse that asking a question and then having to wait for 2 or 3 days (yes that’s happened to me!) before they come back to you. With Elegant themes every question I’ve asked has been replied to within 2 hours. And that for me makes Elegant themes stand head an shoulder above the others I’ve looked at

So on that basis Elegant themes is:



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