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Instaffiliate - free affiliate website

So Instaffiliate just dropped into my inbox and I’m intrigued. Now before I do a full blown review on it and invest in the paid version I’m going to test it for a while (the free version).

Briefly Instaffiliate is a “done for you” affiliate website and online marketing training program.

With a twist…

I’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s free to sign up and with a free account you get 1 affiliate website, hosted and customized with your your clickbank affiliate link. Here’s mine and as you can see it’s pretty nice…


All of the product links in the articles have my affiliate link embedded in them so when someone buys the product I’ll get a commission. the website is nicely laid out, it’s clean and easy to read and there’s a “live chat” plugin installed that’s linked to Instaffiliate’s help desk and operators. Essentially it’s a website that for me is “hands off.”

It hasn’t cost me any money to build it, to host it or to populate it with content. It went live as soon as I signed up for the free account. All I need to do it to drive traffic to it. And there’s training in the members area that shows how to do that, so if you’re new to online marketing Instaffiliate has you covered there too.

There are a couple of upsells that offer more done for you Instaffiliate websites and additional marketing tools, not least a list building option that if Instaffiliate in the free version works for me, I’ll most certainly be signing up for.

So it looks pretty good…

[NB: Instaffiliate account update – IT WORKS, IT HAS MADE ME MONEY (and does most days!) Full Review Here]

…Now for the Instaffiliate twist

When you sign up, there is the opportunity to earn $5 for everyone who opens a free account. Yep, they don’t need to buy anything, just open a free account!

This is instant monetisation and such a good USP “Unique Selling Point” that it makes Instaffiliate virtually irresistible.

So so far I’ve signed up for the free account and got the free affiliate website. I’ll be driving traffic to it using the training in the members area. If it makes sales then I’ll definitely be upgrading to the paid version.  I’ll do a full review of Instaffiliate in the next few weeks.

The free website looks good, the content is good so right now it looks like a good move to join, especially as it’s free!

Watch this video to see how it works

It is free right now but my view is it won’t stay free for very long. I recommend taking advantage of this free offer while it’s still available.

[NB: Instaffiliate account update – IT WORKS, IT HAS MADE ME MONEY (and does most days!) Full Review Here]

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