Here’s 8 ways to make 6 figures a year from information products

100k information products

I’ve got to tell you that information products are really where it’s at if you want to make $100,000 or more a year.

So how do you it?

Well first you’ve got to create your information products and honestly it’s a lot, lot easier that it’s made out to be. If you’ve read my previous post on information product creation you’ll already know that – but here’s a link to it case you haven’t.

And these numbers are based on front end individual sales! So I’m not adding on any information product up-sells to this…

Now using my trusty windows calculator I did a bit of math to show you how to reach that magic $100k a year.

Assuming you’re going to be working with affiliates (which you should, because they get you all the traffic you need – nice!) and you’re going to be paying them 50% in commission for every sales they make for you. Here’s some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. eBooks

And let’s get the ball rolling with an eBook, which is one of the simplest information products to create

And let’s say you charge $47 for it (not unreasonable for a good quality eBook) to make 100k you’ll need to sell 12 books a day or 355 per month.

2. Webinars and teleseminars

Paid for webinars and teleseminars are a great way to make instant money. If you’re in the stock trading niche (Forex, commodities or futures) for example and you’ve got a good system with a track record then you can easily charge $97 per seat.

You’d need to sell 172 webinar/telesminar places per month to make the $100k, but people in those niches will bite your hand off to learn something that works.

3. Audio courses

At $197 a month you only need to sell 85 of these to reach your $100k goal.

Now you might ask who the heck would pay $197 for an audio course?

Well think about that for a moment…

People who want to improve skills that improve their lifestyle and/or makes them more money that’s who…

For example

  • Public speaking – with a title like – “7 days to speak confidently in public”
  • Webinar presentation skills – “Perfect presentation skills to increase sales by 20%”
  • Education courses like an SAT course – “2 weeks to improve your SAT score by 33%”
  • Pick up artist mastery courses – “Become irresistible virtually overnight with these master pick up artist skills”

You get the idea…

With these courses you offer a big promise, keep that promise in the content, record them on CD’s and offer them as a package

4. Video courses

There are plenty of people out there who will pay handsomely for a good video course (I should now we sell them).

How much, well how does $497 sound?

people are prepared to pay twice that and more for a really good video course. Similar to the audio courses you need to have a great system in place with a proven track record that epople can replicate from the information in the videos.

Things like… Learn how to make 6 figures in 90 days from our simple proven system. and Oh yes, earn $100k a year paying affiliates 50% to make sales for you.

Sell 33.5 of these per month or just over 1 a day and you’ve cracked $100k

Now remember these are just “front end” sales I haven’t even touched up-sells or cross sells. And it’s quite easy to sell a $47 eBook (paying your affiliates 50% of that sale) and then offer an over the shoulder video course as an up-sell at $67 or even $97. Effectively doubling your income.

Or cross sell another eBook with information that compliments your first (that’s also got an up-sell!), effectively leveraging the life time value from every buyer you get.

Here’s some more $497+ information products ideas for you to sell

You just need to include the main 3 media types for customers to download – IE written, audio and video material.

6. A home study course An online study course (these’s tons of these available right now that fly off the shelf)

7. Workshops and seminars

8. And our favorite РGroup coaching

Now think about this, what if you made all the sales yourself and didn’t use affiliates?

Well then you’d make the same money with just half the sales.

Now if you’ve been paying attention you might have realized that I’ve left out one of the biggest opportunities a 9th way to make making $100k a year easier.

Do you know what it is?

9. Continuity programs!

information products membership

Memberships with a recurring income. If you create an information product that you update with case studies, step by step training, and offer access to you. You can sell $47 subscriptions all day long.

And with 355 monthly paying subscribers you’ll yield $200,000, a $100k for you and $100k for your affiliates.

To retain your members you’ll have to create killer usable content and offer some incentives to keep your 355 subscribers, but it’s perfectly doable.

And here’s another thought – what if you did a combination of all or 2 or 3 of the above? How much a year would you make then?

I’ll leave you to get your calculator out for that one.

Information products – open your eyes

What I’m trying to do here is to open your eyes to the possibilities and options by creating simple information products that are available to you right now. It’s all here for you, you just need to decide to do it!

What tends to happen though is that we get so bogged down in what’s happening on a daily basis that we forget to step away for a moment to look at the big picture.

But when you do, these numbers are achievable. The first thing you need to do is to take a moment to think bigger, second is to believe you can achieve them.

And the third – Take massive action, fully focus and don’t stop until you get there.

Here’ how to create your first information product – start here and you on your way to a $100k.


  1. Bernard

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for the post. It’s an interesting topic.
    The creation of the digital product is the (relatively) easy part. Creating the associated site with the affiliate tools, getting it onto Clickbank (or whatever affiliate program), building a gravity score that brings affiliate interest….etc; that’s the difficult part.

    1. pB1712@IMtraining (Post author)

      Hi Bernard, yes it can be tough to attract affiliates until you get a track record as an information products creator. A quicker way to get started is to offer your list subscribers the opportunity to earn a commission by promoting for you. That depends on your niche of course, but it can work well in the make money online niche.

      1. Bernard

        Thanks Paul.
        Good point.
        For those that haven’t yet built up a substantial list, could another person’s list of suitably contacts be used as a proxy? By that I mean using a very similar process to buying a solo ad and go via Udimi to purchase a mail out on a targeted list?
        Thanks again.

        1. pB1712@IMtraining (Post author)

          Well you could, but I’d be wary of spending money that way, because you don’t know what you’re going to get, if anything! (and I’m talking from experience here), Buying a list or a mail out in any form is risky, you don’t really have control and there’s ton of people that will sell you useless bot traffic (been there, done that!!).

          Keep it real – yep it takes more time, but you’ll get real people who you can develop a relationship with. And of course you’ll make more money:)


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