How to Increase Your Conversions

How to increase your conversions

Everyone wants to know how to increase their conversions, you’d be crazy not to want to do that, right.

And if you’re taking the time to send traffic, either free or paid traffic you want to know it’s good. Good conversion rates rarely happen overnight and you have to test everything

Well in this Power Point I’ve listed 22 conversion optimization methods for you to test. Now don’t try them all at once, just pick 2 or 3 and see what effect they have.

You are free to download it. Just click download and save it as a PDF.

Testing to increase your conversions doesn’t have to be complicated but you absolutely must do it.

If you’re sending traffic to a squeeze page or a sales page there are other elements (graphical) that you can test:

  • Optin button color
  • Optin button text
  • Add/edit bullet points
  • Add back ground music
  • Add a video background

What you’re trying to do here is to tap into the emotions of your visitors that triggers either the sale of an optin. I talked about this in my “Power of Angles” articles you can read part 1 here (this is the link to part 1).

Patience is required to increase your conversions

Once you’ve changed 1 or 2 elements on your page let traffic run to it for 2 or 3 days before changing anything else, you need to see some results before moving on. So make sure you’ve got some tracking in place.

Be patient, if you don’t see any improvement immediately ie from day 1, don’t panic especially if you don’t get a constant flow of traffic to your pages, or if you’re testing a new traffic source like Bing ads or Facebook, it’ll take  a few days to get anything meaningful, so be patient.

A faster way to test more elements quickly is to run A/B split tests. If you use a descent click tracking platform (which you should!) you should be able to split test 3 or 4 pages at the same time.  This way you’ll be able to compare more pages against each other in one go. I use but I’m biased because I own it, however it is great for split testing and I’ve made it very affordable for you. Vueclix will appear when you move your cursor to leave so don’t worry about searching for it. Or you can click banner below.

click tracking

The bottom line – You should test everything with one goal in mind – to increase your conversions



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