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Instaffiliate Review – Video

I wrote a post about Instaffiliate a couple of weeks ago when I signed up. I wanted to see if I could make any money with it before I did an Instaffiliate review, and the answer is…

YES I have.

The money that I’ve made so far has come from their $5 referral system. It’s really simple and it works. So in this video I give you an overview of the Instaffiliate system free member level. It works!

Instaffiliate Review – In writing

Today I’m doing a review of Instaffiliate.

Instaffiliate is a “Done-for-you” affiliate website and referral program. I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago about it when I first signed so by all means have a read of that

Instaffiliate blog post

Instaffiliate has a number of levels that you can sign up to, starting with a free level, which I’m a member of. And there are 2 other levels which are the up-sells

  1. Premium level – here you can buy 5 more affiliate websites
  2. Elite level – here you can buy 10 more

To become an Elite level member you have to buy the premium level first to be eligible for Elite. So you have to go through their system in order to reach the top package. So if you do go all the way you’ll have a total of 16 “done-for-you” live websites ready to earn you commissions.

I like this step by step idea because it doesn’t overwhelm you. After all trying to drive traffic to 16 different websites from day one, if you don’t have a marketing system in place, can be hard work. And to be honest most people won’t do it. So I think it’s a good call.

Having said that if you are looking to build a portfolio of websites then getting them done for you is a very quick and easy way to do it. Another nice touch by Instaffiliate is they host all the sites on their servers fro you, so there’s no additional costs to take into account.

As a member, regardless of what level you join at, all you need to do to monetize the sites is to drop your ClickBank affiliate ID into your members area dashboard and your sites are configured with it automatically. So every time someone buys through your website you get paid a commission. And you can track your sales from your ClickBank account – simple!

Now there are 4 ways you can earn from an Instaffiliate membership:

  1. Sales commissions – Generated from your website
  2. The Instaffiliate $5 referral program – You earn $5 every time someone signs up to Instaffilaite through your referral link (and this really works!)
  3. Instaffiliate email markets to your list (Premium and Elite members only) – Instaffiliate will send an email marketing campaign with your ID embedded.
  4. Download your list from Instaffiliate (Premium and Elite members only) – every month you can download your list and add it to your autoresponder to send campaigns of your own.

Now I haven’t seen a referral program quite like this before and it’s really quite clever…

What’s happening in the background is that we as referrers are building a big and responsive list for them. Which gives them the opportunity to market other products to us.

And of course they are making more money from sales of their up-sells and from products that they are affiliates of that you can buy from your members area.

So all in all they got a pretty good marketing system in place – it’s efficient and it works.

To earn $5 you simply send people to their sales page…

Instaffiliate - free affiliate website

Just click on the image to see the full page

This the page where everyone starts. It’s straight forward and to the point, very little hype. And you sign up as a free member first.

Instaffiliate review – Free members area

Once you’ve signed up you get access to a members area where you can input your Clickbank ID, get access to your websites and traffic training. You also get invites to training free training webinars and the opportunity to get more products with member discounts (Instaffiliate are affiliates of these). All accessed from the tabs along the top which makes the members area easy to navigate.


Go here to join

There are some traffic training videos and affiliate marketing training videos under the “Tutorials & Training” tab showing you how to drive traffic to your websites. They are easy to follow and will help you to start making commissions.

Instaffiliate will build your list for you

Yep, as a premium or elite member Instaffiliate will build your lists too. Unfortunately you don’t get this with a free membership but I don’t have a problem with that.

If you upgrade to the higher levels, what happens is when ever anyone signs up to the newsletter or asks a question from one of your websites Instaffiliate tags your ID to it building you a list. They then send out an email marketing campaign to that list with your ClickBank ID embedded, so there’s a third way to earn!

Plus at the higher levels you get the opportunity to download that list as a CSV file once a month and add it to your own autoresponder and market to it again. and so there’s the forth way to make some money!

And those offer a massive incentive to upgrade from the free membership level!

As a free member I don’t have that luxury (yet) but I have earned from the $5 referral program. And you can see who’s been earning for referrals at the bottom of the home page in the members area… here’s one of mine

Instaffiliate review referral

And you’ll receive referral notifications sent to your email to confirm…

instaffiliate review notification email


Does Instaffiliate work?

Yes absolutely it does, it has made me some money with very little effort and it’s very easy to work with.

Although I haven’t made any sales commissions (only because I haven’t sent any traffic to my affiliate website!) I have certainly made some money from the referral program. And as a marketer it would be rude no to take advantage!

With more effort and some scaling up there’s definitely money to be made here

It’s free to join and there are no hidden fees that I found.

And if you decide you want a portfolio of affiliate sites and have your lists built for you then you should upgrade as well. So on that basis and to end this Instaffiliate review, Instaffiliate is…


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