Is Your Online Marketing Simple?

Is your online marketing simple?

This might be a bit of a rant

And you might have heard it before

But a re-rant is long over due…

Rant title: Online Marketing is Hard!

Everyday I get tons of emails from information product creators with their new product for sale, and I’m fine with that. It shows they’re using what I’m about to outline here for you.

And of course I get to spy on what other marketers are doing!

The Rant

There are far too many people trying to persuade you that their method for making money online is the right way and all you need to do is to buy their product and you can copy your way to online marketing riches.

Now I’m not calling any one marketer out here because they’re trying to make money themselves and if you’ve read their sales page or one of their emails, then they’re actually doing their online marketing right.

It’s just that in a lot of cases the products they’re selling are pure crap!

In my experience there are NO copy and paste push button make a million online in a fortnight products that work – they just don’t! So don’t buy into that. Or those type of products.

Rant over


Although the product might be crap but the “marketing” might be good.

keep online marketing simpleOnline Marketing Simplified

Most new online marketers think that to make money online you need some super complex system and sales funnel in place to be successful.

It’s just not true! you don’t

If you’ve heard that or worse paid someone and been taught that, then the old saying “If you can’t blind them with science, baffle them with bull shit” springs to mind. And it’s time to move on.

Here’s what you need (and you don’t need a website like this one either!)

You need

  • A landing page and
  • An autoresponder

That’s it, with those 2 tools you can make money

Here’s what you do

  1. Identify your target market – your audience
  2. Offer something of “value” in return for their contact details
  3. Build a relationship with your audience via your autoresponder email follow ups
  4. Offer a solution to their problem
  5. Offer more solutions (that cost more)

And finally to grow your business – grow your audience

An online marketing system that works!

This simple system, because that’s what it is, works in virtually every niche – and yes it does work! here’s the proof…

I’d like you to answer these 2 questions honestly, my answer to both of them is YES

1. have you ever given your email address and opted in to a list from a landing/squeeze page in return for a free report/video or other freebie type?

2. Have you read any emails you got from the list you opted in to and bought a product from a link inside?

If you answered “yes” to those 2 questions like me, then you’ve gone through the simplest and most effective online marketing campaign there is.

Here’s what you did…

You’ve visited a landing page, saw the value of what’s on offer and decided it’s valuable enough to provide your contact details to get it. Then you’ve had some follow up emails from an autoresponder, read them and clicked on a link to an offer that solves a problem you have.

From a marketers point of view, that’s job done!

This system is in front of you every day and it works

So online marketing is simple if you keep it simple, everything else that moves you away from this system is designed to get you to do one thing – to buy something. It’s that’s route cause of shiny object syndrome.

Just think KISS – Keep It Stupidly Simple

KISS keeps you focused, it’s easier to manage and it keeps your costs down. And that’s got to be good.

We expand on the details of this system in our webinar (it’s free) and it’s how we make a good living from online marketing

Click the banner below and learn how JP and I do it.

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