Skillshare Courses – I’ve Finally Taken The Plunge

Skillshare is the place to learn – For quite sometime now I’ve wanted to find a platform to share with you what I’ve learned about online marketing.

I’ve toyed with building a membership site, creating WSO’s (warrior special offers), and JVzoo, and I do have a course available for you on How to create your own information products and I’ve wanted for a long tome to be able to teach lot’s of my other marketing skills but never really found a good enough platform to put them on.

I wanted a platform that:

  • Didn’t cost much
  • Was simple to use
  • And gave access to lot of other courses to compliment my own

And I found Skillshare – the title says it all really!

It’s exactly what I was looking for and does all the above and then some.

So for $10 a month you get access to over 15000 courses and growing daily. For your $10 you can do as many of the courses you want, they are simple to digest courses and the instructors are all experts. So you’re going to learn stuff that will help build and boost your business.

Now I’ve got the opportunity to share with you everything I’ve learned about how you make money online. I’ve got an opportunity to teach you very specific techniques and strategies that will help you. So far I’ve uploaded 2 courses:

  1. 15 Easy Split Tests You Can Do To Grow Your Business and Make More Money
  2. How to Create and Edit Videos For FREE With YouTube


Skillshare - creating and editing videos in YouTube

Skillshare - Split testing courseAnd I’ll be creating a lot more over the coming weeks and months.

All the courses on Skillshare are created using short videos so you won’t feel overwhelmed with a ton of information blasted at you all in one go, and that’s always a good thing.

There really isn’t anything about Skillshare I don’t like. For the $10 a month there’s so much on there it’ll make your head spin. I have a premium membership now myself because I love to learn new stuff, especially if it’s going to improve my business.

So I recommend it and even though this isn’t a review in the true sense I’m still going to add my stamp of approval.

Really, I think it’s that good

WP Stealth Ads is approved

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