Traffic and List Building – part 1

In this series of post I’m going to be talking about traffic and list building. From my own experience.

let me start this post off by stating the obvious…

If your website doesn’t get traffic and you’re not building a list you don’t have a business!

Yeah I know nothing new there, and pretty much everyone know this, but traffic generation IS a challenge, well at least the right kind of traffic, targeted traffic.

A bit of a rant

If the traffic you do get isn’t targeted the reality is that it’s just noise and isn’t going to do you any good. Now don’t get me wrong you can buy traffic really cheap, thousands of cheap “clicks” (sold as traffic!) that gives your website the impression of popularity for anyone who sees your stats, and if that’s your bag go for it, but that’s really all it’s good for.

But for me and I suspect for you too the traffic you get should convert into a sale, an optin or to a least read your content. And if any one of those 3 happen I’m happy.

let me give you an example and the effect cheap traffic/clicks can have. And this is from experience!

I bought a monthly traffic package from a traffic provider, who shall remain nameless, who said they could send 25,000 “targeted” visitors to one of my websites for just under $30 per month. I bought it to test it, and sure enough I got the 25k visitors.

Now with 25k visitors going to pretty much any website per month you would think it should result in some pretty good numbers in terms of sales and optins, right. And so would I. But…

At the end of the first months of getting this traffic I had made the princely sum of $0! and got exactly zero optins to my list. And what’s even worse the bounce rate went from 64% to a frightening 92% with the average visitor staying on the site for 3 seconds. Needless to say I no longer get this traffic and I can say with a 100% certainty that this test was a total failure!

The Lesson learned: traffic that costs less than a penny a click IS LIKELY JUNK traffic – it’s just noise!

If you’ve found otherwise let me know so I can test it, as that’s what J4M is for, for me to test things and report back what works so you don’t waste money.

… rant over!

Ok so now for some good stuff. Traffic I’ve tested and actually does convert into optins and sales.

Before I reveal where I’m getting traffic from here’s what you must have ready and in place before hand.

A good sales funnel:

  • A lead magnet
  • A thank you page/trip wire offer your optins get redirected to after subscribing
  • Your autoresponder loaded with all your follow up messages
  • Your main offer – an affiliate product or one of your own
  • A¬†higher ticket offer

Now you can of course drive free traffic to your funnel from social media, SEO, forums, bookmarking sites etc. but that takes time and a tone of content creation to get you and your links noticed. To be honest paid traffic is the way to go and you must be prepared to invest in your business over and above time and content creation.

I’ve tested a lot of traffic sources and I’ll be reporting on more here in further posts. Bing seems to be the flavor of the month at the moment and yes it’s a great source particularly now they own AOL. And as a certified Bing ads professional I can tell you that the quality of traffic is first class. Bing still doesn’t have the traffic inventory that Google Adwords has, but it’s cheaper per click and equal it quality.

However you still need to understand Bing’s terms and conditions and keep fully compliant or you’ll get into trouble. And it takes time to master the techniques and analytical skills to make a campaign profitable. There are plenty of Bing ads courses out there if you want to try Bing (and you should).

But for now here’s a traffic source that I can recommend. It’s an email traffic platform that for me has given me excellent results.

These guys are great, their support is excellent and they’ve even got a private Facebook group where they talk about marketing online and traffic in general.

The webtraffic21 platform has some good targeting so you can get tier 1 traffic (ie, US, Canada, UK, AUS) without paying any extra. And for an extra fee they’ll even write your email ads for you… very nice.

So far I’m 5 campaigns in have had just over 1600 clicks to date at about 9 cents per click. And the traffic converts. The last campaign I ran yielded a 28, yes 28% conversion and that’s huge!

webtraffic21 website traffic and list building platform

As a paid traffic source it’s pretty good and once you’ve dialed in with a good campaign you could get some really good conversion rates.

You can open a free webtraffic21 account here

My advise is to stop dicking around trying to get free traffic, there is a place for it, and invest in some quality paid traffic.

I’ll be talking more about other traffic sources I’ve tested in future posts.

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