Traffic Zion Review

Traffic Zion Review

Traffic Zion is a new set and forget traffic getting software. We all want more traffic and actually there’s no shortage of traffic out there, the issue is in getting it to your website.

You can watch my Traffic Zion review video just below and there’s a written summary below that – Just click play 🙂




And here’s my written review…

Traffic Zion as you can see from the sales page screenshot below says that you can get FREE niche targeted traffic on complete auto pilot. And we all want more of that right!

Traffic Zion

I’ve always been skeptical of “set and forget” traffic software because most of the others I’ve tested haven’t really worked, but Traffic Zion caught my eye. There’s no hyped up fluff on the sales page, the testimonials look good and it’s well priced. Especially if it does what it says it does.

So I bought the Pro version to test it. I’ve had it running for 5 days and I can tell you it works!

More on that shortly…

When you buy Traffic Zion the first page you see is the welcome page (below), and it’s from this page that you can join the FaceBook support group. I recommend you do that. In the group you’ll see lots of comments, including mine, from fellow buyers of the software.

traffic zion review welcome page

And the product creator is often there live so you don’t have to wait if you run into any issue. I like that because waiting for support to answer emails can be a pain (if they answer at all). Well there’s no probelms like that with Traffic Zion.

From the welcome page you can access the members area where you’ll find all the tutorial videos for setting Traffic Zion up. It takes about an hour to go through the training, and you should go through all of them before downloading the Traffic Zion software onto your computer.

traffic zion review memebers area

There’s a couple of free membership sites you’ll need to join which is where the software pulls the traffic from, but actually a lot of people might already be members.

The traffic comes from a white hat ethical source, now I’m not going to tell you where it comes from because that wouldn’t be fair to me and the other people who have bought it, but it is totally free traffic, there’s no underhanded black hat stuff going on here, so it’s good quality traffic!

So, the real question is does Traffic Zion work?

Here’s an image of the number of people who have seen and liked my content.

traffic zion results

As you can see it’s been getting me plenty of eyeballs on my content from the keyphrases that I’ve entered into the software.

I started getting traffic after a couple of hours of setting up the software and it’s taken 5 days to get the numbers you can see in the screenshot . It’ll take some time to dial into the best key phrases, so you have to be patient. And that’s no different to testing and editing landing pages and ads to improve their conversions. It’s the same with the key phrases in Traffic Zion. You just need to test, monitor and edit.

In terms of finding key phrases there’s training in the members area, but the creators have just added a really cool feature to the software where you type in your main key phrases then the software goes out does a search and comes back with some key phrase suggestions for you. That’s a real time saver and a very nice touch!

Traffic Zion summary

I haven’t really found anything I don’t like about it to be honest. It’s easy to set up, the training is easy to follow and the support is great.

It absolutely can get you traffic, it is set and forget although it will take some time to dial into the best key phrases, but that’s simple enough.

Traffic Zion is a set and forget traffic getting software that works. And for the current price of $29 it’s well worth it.

Traffic Zion is…

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