WP Stealth Ads [Review]

WP Stealth Ads My Review

Wp Stealth Ads Review

I’ve just installed this little plugin here on Just4Marketers. It caught my eye because native ads work and this plugin gives you an opportunity to display native ad style ads on you website. So I bought it and installed it to test it.

Here’s what you get and how it works

Here's what I think

Don’t want to watch a video, no problem, read on…

Today I’m reviewing a plugin I bought, installed and set it up here on Just4Marketers.

Its called WP Stealth Ad – created by Mark Hess and Michael Thomas. And this not the first plug in I’ve bought from these guys, I Already have their traffic up plugin installed and it works great. So I want to see what their WP Stealth Ads plugin does for me too

So what does it do

Well it allows you to create and display “native ad” style clickable image ads on your website.

Like the ones you see on Huffingtonpost and some of the other big sites that on the net. I display native ads on MensWorldHQ which I built from the review I did of the Arbicash system, which is here, and they work really well, they are appealing and very clickable. And they work really well. They work really well because they look like part of the websites native editorial content, they just don’t look like your typical in your face ad, so they get clicked on, a lot!

Now with a typical native ad you get paid every time someone clicks on it – so from a monetisation point of view it doesn’t get much easier than that. And it’s these native ad style image ads that the WP stealth ads plugin allows you to create and display on your site.

You’ll find the ones I’ve created in the sidebar over on the right under the “Recommended” title and at the bottom of this review as well. They look great and were very simple to create.


Now here’s the WP Stealth Ads sales page.


Wp stealth ads sales page


It’s a nice simple no hype sales page which I like, the video that Mark created explains exactly what the plugin does, so you can make an informed decision.


So how much does it costs?

For a single site license it’s currently $9 and for the unlimited license it’s $9.95 (at the time of writing), which is the one I went for. There is a PRO version you can upgrade to, which gives you more features and ad TRACKING, which I think is essential for every thing you do one line anyway. The Pro version is $17, so it’s not going to break the bank.

After you’ve bought it you get access to your members area, where you’ll find all your purchases, so because I’ve bought from these guys before I have all the products I own listed here as well.


Here’s the members area

wp stealth ads access page


wp stealth ads members area


So here’s how you create ads with WP Stealth Ads

First thing you need to do it to install the plugin and it Installs like any other plugin. Then enter your license key to activate it – (click on settings – WP stealth ad).


ad settings for stealth ads



Creating the ads is pretty step by step and the members area tutorial videos are really good if you get stuck. All the ads you create you can manage here, and when you want to create a new one you do it from here… (see image below)


Stealth ads ad creation step 1


create a stealth ad step 2


And I found it really easy to create my ads.

Now if you’ve got a site already with loads of posts adding a shortcode (you’ll find it at the bottom of the WP Stealth Ads settings screen) to each one would be a real pain, So, and this is what is suggested in the tutorial videos it’s suggested you use the free “ad injection” plugin so you can get your ads to display globally across your site.

So you might ask why not just put native ads on your site instead?

With native ad platforms like outbrain, Taboola, content.ad, MGID and the like you don’t really have much control of what ads get displayed. Which isn’t so much of an issue if you’ve got a general niche site like MensWorldHQ. But if you’ve got a niche specific site like J4M there’s a good chance you’ll end up displaying ads that just don’t fit in with your content- so they won’t get clicked, which is a bit of a waste of time.

With the WP Stealth Ads plugin though you have control and you decide what gets displayed, how and where they get displayed, meaning you can show ads that will be totally relevant to your sites visitors.

The ads you can see below this post (at the time of writing) are ads that point to some of my own products. I will be adding more of course. And the plugin rotates through your ads, which is a really nice touch if you only want to display a few, but you’ve created more ads than the ad space you want to use.

You could just as easily point them to a Clickbank offer or a JVzoo offer, or some CPA offers, which I think could work quite well.

Or maybe you could create an offer wall displaying these stealth ads, and drive traffic to that. That could work really well with the right traffic going to it.

So you’ve got plenty of options to monetize your site.

Will WP Stealth Ads  work?

Well to make native ads work as an advertiser, which is effectively what you are for your site, you need to make the ads as clickable as possible…

So you’ll need to get creative with the images and text you use. What you could do is to go on Facebook or twitter a see the type of images that go viral and create similar type images for your stealth ads. Or go to huffington post, oh, and MensWorldHQ of course, and look at the ads images on there.

So You’ll need to create images that get noticed, and write ad text that prompts a click, I think email subject line type of text would work well here.

Now I use Youzign to create all my images, because it’s much easier to use than something like photoshop, but if you’ve got photoshop and you’re used to it that’s good too.

I would say though that you might need to adjust the size of your ads if the width of your page is fairly narrow (like J4M) to display 2 or more ads in a row. And it takes a bit of playing around in the ad settings to get it right. But it’s not too much of an issue, just make sure you don’t make them too small.

I’ve only bought the front end plugin so far and I’d recommend the optional PRO upgrade, that I’m going to get because it gives you ad tracking and that could really help. From it you’ll know what your ads click through rates are and what type of ads get clicked.

The pro upgrade is $17

And I think that’s well worth it

Now I know native ads work really well on MensWorldHQ and I see no reason why the stealth ads created with this plugin won’t work either.

I think it’s priced well. the installation is simple, the training is good, and the ads are really easy to create. I didn’t need to contact their support so I can’t say if there’s an issue there.

With the right ads, which will take a bit of time to dial in, and this is where the pro version feature will help, it should do well and would make a good addition to any monetisation methods you might currently have.

So on that basis I’m going to recommend and approve WP Stealth Ads


WP Stealth Ads is approved






You can get your version buy clicking here
As always, if you’ve got any questions just leave a comment below

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